REI: Omaha and Beyond

Radio Engineering Industries (REI)

Curtiss Routh stepped before the cameras to explain the REI Stop-Arm camera solution product that captures the license plates of motorists who ignore school bus stop arm signals.

REI is a vertically integrated manufacturing corporation located in Omaha, Nebraska. For the past seventy years, they have made quality, service and value their primary objectives. What began as an automobile radio service center in 1938, REI now offers an extensive line of quality commercial electronics for thousands of manufacturers.

In 2015, a recent REI innovation, a stop-arm camera solution to improve student and community safety, was being tested in the Bellevue Public Schools with amazing results. REI asked CJJ Communications to handle media relation, including pitching the story locally and nationally, producing a short video about the system and initiating a political initiative to garner the attention of Nebraska state legislators.

CJJ Communications managed a team that was focused on results:

  • Media Training: coached spokesperson for television interviews, developed talking points and prepared staff for a possible CBS News segment.
  • Media Relations: Selected media distribution and monitoring services, edited fact sheets and wrote release for national distribution.
  • Report: Compiled data that indicated success on several levels.
  • Video: Originally planned as b-roll for television stations, the project became a stand-alone piece that can be used in a variety of formats (Web, PSA, trade shows).
  • Political Initiative: By making connections and strategic planning, this effort resulted in a personal visit to the REI facility by their State Senator and a plan for a second meeting with additional Nebraska State Senators.

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