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Leadership for the Future. – The Nebraska Water Leaders Academy

wlaslideIn 2009, the Nebraska State Irrigation Association concluded that a need existed to educate future leaders about the vital role rivers, streams and Nebraska’s abundance aquifers play in the economic sustainability of the state.

The association stepped forward to develop year-long academy to educate men and women who could assume leadership roles with confidence. The Nebraska Water Leaders Academy provides an educational experience first, takes participants across the state to learn about water issues and second, offers intensive training in leadership.

From the beginning CJJ Communications has managed communications for the Academy, from recruitment through brochures, website information and media relations to presenting a session on media leadership communication. We also work with the funding sources for the academy such as the Nebraska Environmental Trust to assure that their graphic standards are met.

Each year since its inception, the Academy has filled all available slots and has received a four-star experience by participants.

CJJ Communications supports the academy by being a presenter and through a donation to the scholarship program.


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